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Suomen sudenkorennot (The Dragonflies of Finland) by Sami Karjalainen

Updated edition was published in 2010.

The new edition of the book covers all the 55 species of dragonfly recorded in Finland, of which 54 were observed in the field and photographed by the author over a period of more than 15 years. Non-Finnish readers should be able to extract valuable information from the distribution maps and other graphic presentations, and will, of course, also be able to enjoy the photographs. All the insects were photographed free in the wild.

Sami Karjalainen's book is no ordinary national dragonfly handbook. Both author and publisher have sought to produce an illustrated natural history of the highest quality to appeal to a wide audience beyond professional entomologists and insect hobbyists. The graphic layout, print quality and standard of photographs in the book are stunning. For anyone who admires adult dragonflies for their beauty this book is a must. Do not let the Finnish language discourage you from obtaining a copy. Agrion, the newsletter of the Worldwide Dragonfly Association July 2002, Matti Hämäläinen

After the 1922 and 1952 works of K.J. Valle, this is the third book on the dragonflies of Finland; - a splendid volume. The book is the result of more than a decade of intense and meticulous work. The author is to congratulated on the concise and well-balanced presentation and on the superb photographic documentation. Odonatologica 32(1):113, 2003. Odonatological Abstracts

Thank you very much for your wonderful dragonfly book. It definitely ranks among the most beautiful dragonfly books ever published! The photos are mostly of award-winning quality. I am really impressed by your work. Dr. GŁnter Bechly, Germany

CONGRATULATIONS!!!!! It is even more beautiful than I expected. Not only are the photos all of at least very (many of extraordinarily -) high quality, but the layout and printing is very pleasing to look at too. I am thoroughly impressed. Jan Fischer Rasmussen, Denmark

A total of 228 colour photographs, some of outstanding quality, and almost 80 of full page size, will anable non-Finnish readers to enjoy the dragonflies of northern Europe. Of special value are the distribution maps which will close a gap in our knowledge on the distribution of the dragonflies in western palaearctis. This book should not be missing in your odonatological library. Odonatological Abstract Service June 2002, Martin Schorr

I have just received a copy of the book which is brilliant. Although I cannot read Finnish the photographs are amongst the best I have seen in any book on Dragonflies. I must compliment you on the quality of this publication. Steve Cham, Bedford, England

If you understand Finnish or Swedish there are much more comments to read.

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You can buy the book from many bookshops including these:
Sweden: Adlibris
Norway: Capris
Denmark: Adlibris
NHBS (worldwide delivery)
Pemberley Books (worldwide delivery)
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Note that some bookshops show a draft version of the cover. The final version of the updated edition has Pyrrhosoma nymphula on the cover (red insect on green backgound, see above), not Aeshna juncea.


Suomen sudenkorennot
(The Dragonflies of Finland)
Author: Sami Karjalainen
222 pages. Updated edition: 239 pages
Page size: 21 x 26 cm
228 color photographs. Updated edition: more than 250 color photographs
ISBN 9513122123
Updated edition:
ISBN 9789513154257
In Finnish with brief instructions in English
Originaly published in 2002, updated edition in 2010
Tammi Publishers